Cocktails combining Vodka, or herbal liqueur, with caffeinated energy drinks have long been popular in clubs, pubs and bars. Dragon Soop takes this informal, self mixed innovation and turns it into a caffeinated alcoholic cocktail in a chillable can, ready mixed and ready to drink.

A fermented alcoholic beverage fortified with Schnapps, containing high levels of caffeine (35mg per 100ml), blended with taurine, guarana and delicious flavours, Dragon Soop comes in eight flavours - Herbal Fusion, Sour Apple, Blue Raspberry, Lemon Sherbet, Red Kola, Strawberry & Lime, Passion Fruit & Orange and now NEW Dark Fruit Punch.
Dragon Soop is something totally new in a can!

Always drink in moderation and remember it is not suitable for persons sensitive to caffeine.

8% abv